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The Perfect Gift

"I have a million happy heartbeats and joyful smiles, and just so, so many good things to say about Write My Heart Song! I am so grateful for Aimee and her creativity! She truly took our unique love story and turned it into a beautiful song that touched our hearts, and that we will never forget. It was so amazing to listen to our unique heart song on our wedding day just before we tied the knot. It added such a special element to our ceremony. What a beautiful moment it gave to our day of all days! Oh happiness! Thank you Aimee and all of Write My Heart Song, for truly, writing "The Story of Us.""
Bethany Murphy
thank you so much for your words of inspiration and perspiration... I know you’ve worked terribly hard and we have appreciated every word and thought.
Barbra Dellenbach
Dennis Maddera

“Katie is an imaginative and brilliant composer, performer and vocalist. I can say that she is a dream to work with, takes direction and critique very well, and delivers when you give her the space to be her. When I need an original score or vocal accompaniment, Katie is always my first call.”

Dennis Madderra

Bethany Tolley

“The power that THIS WOMAN draws into the room is tangible. You feel that power and it changes you. It doesn’t just move you, it changes you.”

“ is an enchanting team of music and magic. Powerfully pleasing and appealing. Delightful and charming. The notes you want to hear are in good hands and loving hearts. They are exceptional and top-shelf talent.”
Greg Dellenbach