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Take a moment and discover the wide variety of heartsongs we have created in the past to celebrate and immortalize the magical moments of life. 

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Wedding Songs

Wedding songs can be so much more than a record played by a DJ, they can represent YOU and your amazing love story perfectly! These songs were written for some very special love stories and we are honored to have been a part of preserving them forever.

Anniversary Commemoratives

Love stories don’t just end at marriage! Happily ever after is a journey of living through the trials, laughing at the changes, and loving every moment. These are a few of the heartsongs we have written about real life love. Let us help you make this anniversary a celebration of the resilient love that is your love story.

Children & Babies

Welcome a new baby into your life and everything changes, from the size of your heart to the way you look at the world. These are moments to be remembered and in our experience as parents, almost nothing is as good at expressing those feelings as a heartsong. Our templated songs are wonderful keepsakes that help children put words to your feelings for them and feel confident in their special unique value.

Family Life

The truth is, family life is crazy! Incredible highs, unbelievable joy, overwhelming chaos, and deeply hard moments all mixed together to create the binds that last forever. Family reunions, birthday parties, long-awaited events, or closing one chapter of life and starting another, celebrate the memories and preserve them forever with a heartsong!


One of the most significant events in life is the loss of a loved one. Whether their passing was anticipated after a long life or came as a tragic surprise every loved family member deserves to be remembered, honored and celebrated. We are humbled to help families pay tribute to their loved ones and commemorate them with a beautiful, custom heartsong that will keep them alive for generations to come.

Personal Anthems

There are times in life when the heart yearns to express feelings of determination, victory, support, hope, faith or any other number of personal powerful messages that need to be heard. We love to provide the artistic support that can help you bring these heartsongs into existence so you can share, your personal anthems with the world.


As one of the biggest milestones in life, graduation is an incredible event that marks the culmination of great efforts and accomplishments. Celebrate your graduate with a gift that truly pays tribute to everything they have done and everything they are and will never be forgotten.

Poem Adaptations

Poetry is an incredible way of expressing thoughts and feelings. We are honored to participate in poetry adaptations and help add a layer of celebration and expression to such great works with our musical expertise. 

Business Tribe Songs

When you need to reach out to your people and help them feel understood, included, or motivated as a group– you need a tribe song, and we’re here to help. We know how to create a song with the perfect tone to match your business and resonate with your tribe.

We hope you have been inspired by some incredible heartsongs!


The people and backstory behind each of these songs are treasured individuals.

They have a lasting work of heART (an heirloom of sorts), a song for their family, or business for generations to come.

We love our clients and we would love to help you create magical moments that will last a lifetime!

If you desire to express your story and heart through song, we would love to help you make that dream realized!

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