When words aren’t enough, the heart has a song.

Let us help you share yours.

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When Does Your Heart Sing?

Here at Write My Heartsong, we have a passion for helping hearts share the feelings that words alone simply can’t express.

We know every story deserves to be told in a unique and meaningful way, and we take great pride in collaborating with YOU to tell your story and share your feelings in the most personal way possible.

For ten years, our heartsongs have been helping people like you immortalize the moments that make life worth living, so you and your loved ones can relive them together for the next 50 years and beyond.

We’ve composed songs for weddings, anniversaries, mommas and new babies, graduations, and life-changing highs and lows, and we’re ready to help you tell your story, too.


A Wedding Song
Like No One Else's

It’s easy to lose sight of the heart of the matter when juggling all the details of planning a wedding.  

Make sure that your day celebrates your love story in a completely unique and unforgettable way by having a song written just for you. 

Celebrate Life Created Together

Why settle for uninspired storebought gifts when you could give a gift that would be treasured for a lifetime? 

Show your special someone just how much they mean to you by having a heartsong written just for them studded with the glittering memories of your relationship.

New Life, New Love

Every child is a unique and special gift who transforms lives when they arrive. 

Our heartsongs are a perfect gift to give to new parents—or for new parents to give to their babies—for a lifetime of listening and love. 

our team

Katie D Higley

Katie has been singing since day 1 and has spent nearly every day of her life writing music and helping others learn to share their heartsongs and bask in the joy.  

Jessica NS Blackhurst

Passionate about using words to empower and bring light into people’s lives Jessica loves collaborating with everyone who comes knocking to tell their story just right. 

Aimee K Bennett

Details are Aimee’s great gift. With her touch we ensure that every song is customized and crafted to express those most unique and beautiful elements of your individual story.