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Around here every day is a celebration and every celebration deserves gifts!

Today’s Special:

Christmas carol-o-grams
Only $99!

A professional recording of a Christmas Classic (your choice), edited to a beautiful custom slideshow and your own personal message. Send a long distance hug and Give them all the feels every time they listen this Christmas and forevermore. 
Feliz Navidad!

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Invest in What Matters Most!

Did you know that you can have a custom wedding song created especially to celebrate your unique love story?

Well, you can! And unlike everything else you invest in for a wedding celebration, your Heirloom Wedding Song is a timeless treasure that will bring the magic of your love story to life not just for the wedding day, but for a lifetime and beyond!

Here at Write My Heartsong, we are proud to be different from the consumerist crowd that surrounds us as we work hard with each and every client to capture the memories and moments of today in a totally unique, powerful, and lasting way.  

With an Heirloom Wedding Song, you can know that you’re investing in the things that TRULY matter most.

Getting started is EASY and NO-RISK, all you need to do is request a free heart-2-heart consultation so we can get to know your story, answer all your questions, and create a package customized to your budget and needs.


Yes! We Write Heartsongs
For Every Occasion.

New Life, New Love

Every child is a unique and special gift who transforms lives when they arrive. 

Our heartsongs are a perfect gift to give to new parents—or for new parents to give to their babies—for a lifetime of listening and love. 

Celebrate Life Created Together

Why settle for uninspired store-bought anniversary gifts when you could give a gift that is completely unique and will be treasured for a lifetime?

Show your special someone just how much they mean to you by having a heartsong written just for them studded with the glittering memories of your relationship.

Honor A Life Well-Lived

Saying goodbye to loved ones is never easy, but it can be filled with light and love when we honor the life lived and remember the beauty of all that they were. 

Our custom commemoration heartsongs can bring peace for family today and into generations beyond as we preserve and honor the lessons, mottos, and messages your loved one imparted with their very life. 

our team

Katie D Higley

Katie has been singing since day 1 and has spent nearly every day of her life writing music and helping others learn to share their heartsongs and bask in the joy.  

Jessica NS Blackhurst

Passionate about using words to empower and bring light into people’s lives Jessica loves collaborating with everyone who comes knocking to tell their story just right. 

Aimee K Bennett

Details are Aimee’s great gift. With her touch we ensure that every song is customized and crafted to express those most unique and beautiful elements of your individual story.